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Rickey's Sports Lounge

Formally known as Ricky's Sports Theatre and Grill

Rickey's Sports Theatre and Grill was established in 1946 in San Leandro California on Hesperian Blvd. Ricky Ricardo, son of the original owner, took over this historic sports theatre and grill turning it into an icon for Raiders fans, and was once named the no. 2 sports bar in the nation by Sports Illustrated.

Even "during the Oakland Raiders 13 years of exile in Los Angeles, from 1982 to 1995, Ricky's was the Penelope of sports bars", Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard wrote in 2005. "When Oakland beat Minnesota in Super Bowl XI in 1977, the bar recorded the game on three-quarter-inch tape and replayed it three times a day for several weeks! One afternoon a bunch of Raiders players even came in to watch", the article said.

Sadly in 2020 the pandemic and Ricky's passing forced the doors to close despite efforts to keep the bar open. Three years later the bar opened again under new ownership. Fans and loyal customers flooded in to check out the revamped sports bar and were not disappointed.

 Although most of the Raider's memorabilia is now gone, Bay Area sports fans still enjoy coming in to watch games, drink, eat and have fun. Rickey's Sports Lounge now features a more open and modern design as well as a Fantasy Football Room and VIP section that can be reserved. Come check us out and enjoy watching a sports game, eating one of our all-American comfort foods on the menu and trying some of our signature cocktails. We have regular and special events that can be found on our events page, and you can reserve tables or rooms on our reservations page.

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